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Jul 27, 2011
@ 10:56 pm
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I just got my orchestra audition music

The rep we’re doing this fall includes

  • Rachmaninoff Isle of the Dead
  • Beethoven Symphony 8 (yesssss!)
  • Mendelssohn Ruy Blas Overture
  • Barber Essay No. 1
  • Schumann Symphony 3
  • Wagner Prelude to Der Meistersinger (one I’ve played before, yay!)
  • Ravel La Valse

So that’s exciting.  My first thought was, “These excerpts look pretty hard…  I’mma have to practice the shit out of them.”  

My second thought was “Wait, why are there no separate piccolo excerpts?  Is he not auditioning picc separately this year?”  :(

Then I realized I needed to check out my competition…

The two other people who were in it last year, two people who won’t actually be auditioning, and two freshmen.  Alright.  I can handle this.  

  1. lovelyladylazarus said: Kick their asses! I’m rooting for you!
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